1% Challenge

What’s the deal with this 1% stuff? 1% is nothing! We disagree!

As you are probably well aware, our family has been called to work with university students in Uganda and around Africa. What we have discovered is that on the entire continent of Africa only 1% have the opportunity to reach a university level of education. That’s a staggering statistic! What we believe, and indeed are seeing, is that God is calling these 1% to finish their university education and go on to make a difference in their communities, countries and across their continent. 

With such a low number of people reaching university it is clearer than ever that these students will go on and be the leaders of their countries and God has opened the door for this ministry to impact them for Jesus. The awesome thing is you and I get to play a part in reaching this 1% that will reach a far greater percentage!

So we are asking you to pray about partnering with us with at least 1% of  what Jesus has blessed you with. Here are some ideas:

·      Pray for 15 minutes each day (1% of your days time) for this ministry
·      Devote 7 hours a month (1% of your months time) in order to host a prayer meeting for this ministry and missions around the world
·      Devote 7 hours a month (1% of your months time) teaching a class or bible study on missions
·      Devote 3.6 days out of a year (1% of your year) to hosting international students in your area
·      Share about this ministry with 1 person and challenge them to join you in partnership
·      Contribute 1% of your monthly income to this ministry: www.wgm.org/hallahan

These are ideas we came up with. Be creative and see what God lays on your heart. We want to know if you are going to accept this challenge and if you do, we want to send you a resource packet. So email us (josh (dot) hallahan (at) wgm (dot) org) and let us know. We are so grateful to have you on our team!

- Josh and Kelly Hallahan

Check back here for resources to help you take the 1% Challenge- more links coming soon!

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