Essential Oils

Essential oils have been a big part of my journey to health. I know it's confusing to get started and I want to walk this journey with you... hand in hand!

If you wanted to dip your baby toe into the world of essential oils you could order a bottle of Thieves or Thieves Household Cleaner at retail price. Which would be a good first step. But I want you to save more money than that- the better option is to enroll as a wholesale member (by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit for $160) so that you get:
  • 11 essential oils
  • a diffuser
  • two samples of Ningxia Red juice
  • a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner
  • a wellness mentor (that's me)
  • and an amazing team on Facebook where you can learn all the things
  • and you are only required to spend $50 a year to keep your 24% discount. 

If you are ready to join my team and get 24% off all your essential oils, click here to enroll and get your Premium Starter kit. Once you've ordered your Premium Starter Kit, send me your email address because I would love to gift you the kindle book: Fearless: Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 Hours!

If you are serious about making this a lifestyle change- the best option is to sign up for Essential Rewards when you enroll which requires a minimum monthly order of $50. Essential Rewards is often referred to as your Monthly Wellness Box. I know once you start learning and experimenting, you're going to need more natural resources. You will want to swap out your household cleaners for Thieves cleaner, maybe try Young Living's toothpaste or deodorant. And then you can stop buying those things at Target or the grocery store and shift that money into your Young Living budget. It's called Ditch and Switch- you can read more here. You also earn free products when you're on Essential Rewards and everyone loves FREE. You get points back on almost everything you order, and at various price points you earn free products! This month you could earn:

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