Uganda Field Declaration- stand in the gap for WGM Uganda.  Unite in prayer in making this declaration!

Expat Packing Planner- This life is full of countless transitions.  My packing planner helps guide you through the process whether you are coming or going!

Uganda Road Trip Bingo- Taking a road trip in Uganda?  Download and print this bingo game for your kids!

Missions Coloring Page- Want to get your kids excited about the world?  God wants to use them to change the world through prayer!  Download and print this coloring page for your kids!

Speaking Guide- Want to share about University Ministry with your church, Sunday School class, small group or friend?  Here is a guide with everything you need to know about the ministry!

1% for the 1% Challenge- Are you taking the 1% Challenge?  Here are all the resources you need to be successful!

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