Prayer Guides

Did you sign up to pray for Uganda?  Need some help getting started?  Need some inspiration or guidance as you pray for the ministry going on in Uganda?  Here are a couple tips for honoring God with your prayer commitment:
  • Find a prayer partner and meet (in person or over the phone) once a week to pray for Uganda.
  • Fast and pray for Uganda one day each week.
  • Share the weekly prayer focus with your small group and pray together.
  • Fast sleep and rise an extra half hour early to pray for Uganda.
  • OR ask God how He wants you to participate in His plans for Uganda
Here are the Prayer Guides we posted during Lent 2011:
Or follow along and pray with us during Lent 2014

"There are many ways to "work" with God- through obedience, through service to others, and through sharing His love.  But He wants to have even more intimate contact with you.

He wants to bring you into His inner circle where you can hear His great heart beating for a lost world.   

He has created you with the ability to speak to Him and fellowship with Him.  Above all else, as His "fellow worker," you were created to pray- as He prays...

He loves you so much that He desires you to intercede with Him as He intercedes with the Father, and to bless the world as He does.  

He mediates blessing through prayer.  You and I are to do the same"
-Wesley L. Duewel, Touch the World through Prayer

{Download this FREE printable Field Declaration}

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