Thursday, February 23, 2023

What Does My Soul Need?


As we enter the Lenten season, the question I sense being asked is: "What does your soul need?" The three core practices of Lent are giving, fasting and praying. If you've been in Wilmore the past two weeks you've done your share of all three I'm guessing. We've given so much to host the presence of the Lord and the mass of pilgrims descending on our town. We have missed meals (maybe not fasting, but possibly!), and we've gone without sleep. And we have been serving on prayer teams, been interceding from afar (if you're not in Wilmore), or just been prompted to stop and pray with people- that has been one of the first fruits I've seen from this outpouring. So I'm not sure how the Lord will lead you to practice this Lent. But let me offer some suggestions: 

  • Giving yourself permission to rest and go slower than you have been lately.
  • Fasting social media (or some other way you've been numbing out) so you can stay awake to the presence of the Lord.
  • Praying. Please don't stop praying. Maybe try a new way of being with the Lord like walking and praying, or sitting in silence for 10 minutes, or journaling your prayer, or praying Scripture. 
Leave a comment if you know how He is leading you to do for Lent- maybe it would be a great idea for someone else too. 

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