Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Anniversary (Warning: mushy post!)

Today is a special day: our 4th Anniversary! We celebrated last night at the cheesecake factory, with some lovely dinner... and some amazing dessert! I still have half of my outrageous chocolate cake in the fridge! But enough about the food!

I am just so blessed to be walking side by side with Josh as my husband! He takes such good care of me and our children. He picks up my slack when I've been mothering through the night. He makes me laugh! He keeps our finances on track. He is a great youth pastor. He has a passion for missions. And there is so much more that I love and appreciate about him! As we begin this new season of ministry I am just so grateful we are together! And I am praising Jesus for creating us for each other!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Josh and Kelly!! SO glad to hear you guys got to have a little romantic night together!!


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