Saturday, January 03, 2009

School of Prayer

This new year I am resolving to stay enrolled in the school of prayer! I have been a Christian for 20+ years, and I am discovering how little I truly know about prayer, and how little I lean on the true power that prayer wields! As we begin this journey toward africa, I want to so steep myself in prayer, that every step I take, and every word I speak is His.

I am currently reading a very relevant book, With Christ in the School of Prayer, by Andrew Murray. It is arranged so that you can read one chapter every day for one month. But it is so full of truth, and depth- that I believe I could read a chapter every day for a year, and still have so much farther to go! Today I read about the "Boldness of God's Friends". Are you His friend? Do you truly believe you can go to Him at any hour of the day and ask Him for what you need? Do you and He share the common interest of loving the lost? Because if you are truly walking as His friend- you may ask everything you need, and He will grant it! I don't believe I truly trust that He delights in answering my prayers. That is something I am working on! And it will be an exciting year as I press in closer to His heart- and make it my home. Will you join us in this adventure of prayer?

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