Friday, February 20, 2009

Light for our Journey!

The thought of moving our entire family to Africa... raising close to $8,000/month in pledges... packing up our house... moving in with in-laws... leaving one church and starting over at another church... the travel... the paperwork... is enough to cast a cloud over our dreamy idealistic sunny sky of "becoming missionaries".

But the One who calls us is faithful! We have much to be grateful for this week and we wanted to share our praise report!

  • We have survived our illnesses, and are all currently healthy! Thank you for praying for us.
  • While he is almost 8 months old, Seth still hasn't been sleeping through the night yet... until this week! He has been sleeping from 8:30pm until at least 3-4am, and then again until 6:30-7am. This is a welcome relief and I am beginning to recoup some of my sleep debt!
  • We shared our vision for Uganda with our youth group on Sunday and it was a great time of opening their eyes to what God is doing around the world and how they can bless the nations wherever they live!
  • Last and certainly not least, we spent some time sharing our vision with close friends and due to their generous gift we are now more than 10% funded!
What an amazing God we serve! He takes all our weakness, and our weariness... and exchanges it for His strength and His goodness! And we are in awe of how He has shown up this week in big and small ways!

  • We would ask that you join us in prayer as Josh preaches at Trinity, Clayton this Sunday. Service is at 10am if you would like to be there!
  • And also please be praying for us as we contact our friends and churches to invite them to bless the nations with us!
Thank you for joining us on this journey! Praying that God's light would shine on your path as you follow where He leads!

photo courtesy of flickr creative commons

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