Thursday, March 12, 2009


Monday was an unseasonably warm day here in Jersey so Caleb and I ventured outside to wash the van. While Kelly and Seth watched from a safe distance I taught Caleb how to spray the water on the car and then taught him how to clean the car with the sponge. Caleb only lasted a couple seconds in the actual washing of the car but he became a huge fan of the hose (surprise!). As he ran around spraying the hose, or running from me spraying the hose; I kept thinking that one of these times he was going to grab the hose and spray either himself right in the face or spray me while my back was turned. I was prepared! Suddenly I heard him crying only to turn around and see his face absolutely soaked and water just pouring off his head. At least he didn't get me! I took him inside to Kelly, who had decided to take cover in the house with Seth, and let her dry him off and change his clothes.

I share that story just so you can get a glimpse of what our days are like. Having a 2 year old and a 8 month old is tiring but no day is dull that is for sure. Last night we took a walk around the block and Seth just sat in his stroller as good as can be taking in all the sights and sounds. Caleb walked very slowly touching and picking up everything he could. He came home with a new "walking stick" and a pine cone to add to his collection. I could have made that walk in 5 minutes but it took us 45 minutes. I wouldn't trade those 45 minutes for anything!

Taking Caleb and Seth to Africa will be a challenge in many areas. However, seeing them get to know a totally different culture and probably turn out more "African" than "American" is exciting to me. To have kids who have a grasp of different cultures in our world excites me. I pray Caleb and Seth will continue to be so intrigued with their surroundings. I pray that they will jump right in and learn new things. I pray that they would come to understand what Jesus has done for them and that they would share that with everyone they see. I pray that I would be the best father to my boys that I possibly can! I pray that my days never become dull!!!

- Josh

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  1. It sounds like he had alot of fun playing with the hose. And I agree with you - good thing he didn't get you! I am sure it is a challenge trying to keep up with two but I know you up to it!


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