Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When reality crashes through...

...and dreams become reality! Wow- ever since I was thirteen I knew I wanted to be a missionary. And I even had a particular interest in Africa. And yes, we have filled out pages of applications, and spent a weekend in interviews, and completed our Support Raising training, and gotten our table display, but it wasn't until yesterday when our prayer cards arrived that the weight of reality began to sink in. Actually holding my very own prayer card in my hand brought tears to my eyes... could it really be true? Could we finally be going back to the land that has captured my heart and gotten in my blood?!

There is no greater thrill in life than doing exactly what you are created to do! God has a purpose and a particular role for each of us to play in building His Kingdom. For some of us that role is to go... for others it is to raise children who may go... and still others need to provide the finances necessary for others to go... but all of us are called to pray and all of us are called to bless the nations in our particular way!

Praying that you would know the inexplicable joy in being exactly who you were created to be!

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