Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Disciples...

"To follow Christ means to relate to each other with the mind of Christ; that is, to relate to each other as Christ did to us... Discipleship is walking together on the same path. While still living wholly in this world, we have discovered each other as fellow travelers on the same path and have formed new community... We have become a new people with a new mind, a new way of seeing and hearing, and a new hope because of our common fellowship with Christ." -Henri Nouwen

I have found new meaning in our title, Missionary Disciples; not only are we being discipled this year in how to be missionaries, we are called to make other disciples of those we meet. A very cool part of our HMA (Homeland Ministry Assignment) is spending time with men and women who love Jesus! It is a privilege to walk this path with them and perhaps open their eyes to what God is doing around the world. I absolutely love sharing what God is doing and ways that others can join Him! Which is why it was so sweet to be at the 20 Something group that meets at the Brower's home last night!

But with some transparency I confess that it wasn't completely easy for me last night. While lots of great conversation was happening around me, and worship was being lifted to the Father... there was an inner struggle going on within me. Maybe it's the homeschooler in me, but I am not good at striking up conversation with people. I find myself on the edges of conversation not knowing quite how to jump in. And I was convicted last night of my self-centeredness that hinders relationship building. And so this morning I have been praying for eyes to see people the way Jesus sees them... for a heart that is interested in all that is going on in their lives... for a curiosity that just begs to know more about someone else... I'm tired of being so pre-occupied with self. This HMA isn't all about me. In fact it has very little to do with me! It has everything to do with what God is doing in Uganda, and how each one of us can partner with Him! Gotta love it when the Holy Spirit whispers a reality check to my soul.

Would you pray for me that I would get out of the way and allow Jesus to teach me how to build lasting relationships? It is such a privilege to encourage each other along the path as fellow disciples. Thanks for letting me walk with you!


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  1. I will certainly be praying. I understand a lot of those feelings and now God can transform you and use you to his glory during this time as you prepare for Uganda. lots of love!


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