Friday, August 28, 2009

breathing treatments

Thanks for praying for Seth! He is still on breathing treatments every four hours through the weekend. We'll check back in with the Dr on Monday. But as I pause every four hours God is doing something in my heart... breathing life back into my spirit...

You see, Seth's breathing treatments are helping me breathe too. I pause, and inhale God's sweet presence, and it opens up my heart to more fully receive Him, and those He sets in my path. It has been a long week. We're slowly recovering from camp and sickness. And yet, I am not depleted. He is filling me and meeting me in such precious ways. As I tell Seth, "It's time fora breathing treatment." I hear God whispering, calling, drawing me to be still and breathe. And it soothes my soul.

Are there windows of grace in your day? Spots to breathe? Perhaps you tend to get impatient at red lights, or in traffic jams... could I invite you to see those situations as God calling you to pause? Or maybe you're sick, like us, allow your weakness to be God's invitation (or command) to rest.

And would you use some of those moments of pause to be still before the God of the nations- and ask Him to lead you in prayers to bless the world?


  1. we have that same mask for Alex. it is very cute.

  2. This Seth-Man is much calmer than the Seth-Man that was getting breathing treatments just a few days ago. THAT is an answer to prayer. Praying for you guys! Love...


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