Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Beauty Challenge

"God's everywhere.... So beauty must be."

You're warmly invited to join me in a Beauty Challenge this week, your own motley crew of bottles, your own furniture vases, your own hunt for God with slips of beauty not bought but quietly and unexpectedly uncovered. A twig may become art when attended to. Of course, not all the found beauty will fit in a vase. Some will find a perfect container in a gratitude journal. Regardless what empty place you fill with beauty , it will grace you, this week, a life, with God. -Ann, at A Holy Experience

Here are some snapshots of glory I've captured already this week:

belly laughs from boyish silliness...joy

beautiful bush surrendering glory... pools of red... portrait of love...

lone leaf, clinging tightly, bracing against wind... lifting my eyes toward heaven

hot cup of tea... while boys nap... time to seek Him and His beauty

rays of sunshine falling... on flower pot full of sunshine... delightful...

bare branches lifted high... dazzling sun breaking through dark clouds... He still shines

"God's everywhere.... So beauty must be." -Ann Voskamp


  1. Today, I was seriously enraptured by the beauty of the red lettuce in my hands, after washing, before tearing.

    Thanks for stopping in at the SC giveaway at InCourage. I appreciated the presence of each person.

  2. Beautiful list and blessings!

    Have a wonderful week!

    In His amazing grace,

  3. Truly beautiful! I was amazed at how my perspective changed this week; once I started looking, even the simplest things became reflections of grace.

  4. Love the branches in the sun. Like hands reaching up.


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