Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Haiti: Up Close and Personal

I don't know about you, but Haiti seems to be fading from the public eye already. Which staggers me. But I am following a few blogs that make the tragedy in Haiti real, and urgent, and heart-breaking

Debra and Earnest are trying to bring their adopted son home from haiti as we speak.

Tara and Troy Livesay are missionaries on the ground in Haiti blogging faithfully!

The Apparent Project is also on the ground in Haiti, just looked at their blog today. They are encouraging us all to Fast and Pray Feb 12-14: "Please commit to pray with us. The President of Haiti has even called for 3 days of fasting and prayer during Carnival (Feb 12-14). Please join in fasting and praying for Haiti. Our idea of how to heal this mess is far inferior to God's!"

Perhaps there are others that you are following- care to share how you are staying informed? Both of the families I listed are also on Twitter. How has the tragedy in Haiti changed you? Are you praying differently? Are you cherishing family more? Are you spending less money in order to donate more? Are you changed at all?

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