Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep Praying! It's Working!

We're all healthy and loving this gorgeous Spring weather! Thank you for praying! I can honestly testify that since we sent our newsletter we've been healthy for over a week (which is a record lately)! You are carrying us and we feel it. Thank you for your faithfulness.

We are still praying to be at 50% by the end of this week. Today we are at: 44.5% (which means we need 8 people at $50/month)! We're praying that our report next Monday puts us at 50%. Nothing is impossible for our great and glorious God.

This week in the Hallahan house we have some big things brewing-
  • Josh will be done his valet job on Thursday! And we are really looking forward to devoting 100% of our time to raising our team and coaching our champions. If you would like us to come share with some of your friends, or we haven't been to your church yet we would love to make time to do that. Or if you are just wanting to be more involved with missions we would love to chat over coffee!
  • Josh and I are taking a mini-vacation overnight in Philadelphia this weekend! We're excited to relax, and spend time in prayer and visioning for our next steps in support raising. After all that has been going on in this household- the break is vital! Pray that God would meet us and renew us.
  • In our homeschool time this week we're working on letter 'S' and with it being Holy Week- I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about sin and our Savior. We're reading: God's Great Big Love for Me by Max Lucado. Would you pray that Caleb and Seth's hearts would be soft- that they would receive Jesus as their Savior at a young age- and that we would be faithful to live out our faith in front of them .

We are so glad you're on our team! So thankful for the ways you sacrificially participate in the gospel. We are praying for you too. We ask that Jesus would captivate you, provide for you, fight for you, and be enough. Looking toward the cross- Josh and Kelly

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