Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Urgent Update

            We do not send out these types of updates often, but felt the timing was right to give you a brief update about where we have been and what is upcoming in our lives as we continue to raise support and, Lord willing, prepare to leave for Uganda in the not too distant future. Yes, we are still here!

            Next Thursday, September 9th, our whole family leaves for Colorado for 5 weeks of training at Mission Training International. Please be praying as we travel and will be gone for the longest stretch so far during our HMA time. As Kelly and I will be in sessions everyday Monday-Friday so will the boys. Pray that they will adjust quickly to a more “school-like atmosphere” and God will speak to their hearts during their times with the MTI staff. We will return to New Jersey on October 15th.

            As many of you know we have been praying a very bold prayer that God would provide the remaining support we need by the end of October. As each day draws closer to that “deadline” our faith is challenged as we are still sitting at 50% of our support. We believe God wants us to pray this prayer and trust in Him to do the impossible. Thank you first to all of you who are currently supporting us financially. You are an answer to prayer and such a blessing to us. Thank you also to those who are praying alongside with us that our funds will miraculously be in by the end of October. Could God be asking you to be a part of the answer to this prayer? To put it simply we need 110 more people to support us at $30/month or 66 more people at $50/month (you can do the rest of the math). If you do not support any missionaries or ministries maybe God wants you to take this step of faith and begin today. If you already support missionaries or ministries maybe God wants to take another step of faith today. Email us (Josh.Hallahan (at) wgm (dot) org or give us a call 856-981-1250) if you desire to jump on board.

We understand the state of the economy and that these are “hard times” but we are praying against that. We are praying that those who God has called to support us, but have yet to answer the call, would trust God and take this step of faith letting God do the impossible. We are nervous to be away for 5 weeks when we are praying this huge prayer but we trust God to fulfill this need even while we are away and taking a break from speaking engagements. Thank you for prayerfully considering your role in our ministry.

            We also wanted you to be aware that WGM Uganda has set up a “prayer blog” that is linked to our twitter account. It will provide you with constant prayer request updates from us but also from the other missionaries preparing to go to Uganda and those already on the field. This is an awesome resource and we invite you to go deeper with us in our prayer lives and use this resource to do so. The address for the blog is and our twitter account is @knees4kampala.  If you are willing to fill a weekly time slot for prayer, there is a sign up form on our blog post: 24/7 Prayer Team and on the prayer room blog.  Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer!

            In closing, you will be hearing from us again real soon; our next newsletter is currently in production. We apologize for 2 “big” contacts back to back but wanted to keep you informed since we will be away for so long. Even though we will be half a country away please keep in touch. Call us, email us, facebook us and let us know how you are and how we can be praying for you. We are so blessed by your partnership and thank God for you daily.

‘til the whole world hears,

Josh, Kelly, Caleb and Seth Hallahan

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