Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Training in Colorado. Check!

Home sweet home in the foothills of the Rockies for 5 weeks!  This is an amazing facility that devotes itself to preparing and caring for missionaries. We were so blessed by the trainers, children's trainers, housekeeping, kitchen staff, and fellow missionaries.  There is simply no way to recount all that God has done in the past 5 weeks- but I'll do my best.

  • In our hearts: We made many dear friends, and were able to walk side by side to some dark places with missionaries who are also preparing for the field.  We walked through stress management, conflict resolution, the countless losses we face as we transition to the field (and how to grieve them in healthy ways).  Small group discussions, round table questions, and one on one coaching sessions were all a part of our training.  We don't have it all figured out- but we've got a lot of healthy conversations started!
  • In our heads: We were confronted with truth daily.  We had to wrestle with who God is in the midst of adversity.  We were able to worship God is spirit and in truth each morning.  We learned about healthy transition, making good lifestyle choices, moral purity, and how to face cultural differences.  
  • In our ears and mouths: During the language acquisition section we spent time training our ears to hear new sounds, and our mouths how to make new sounds.  We did phonetics drills.  We learned some great techniques and methods to use with our language helper once we get to Uganda.  We even sketched out a plan we can put in place now!
  • In our family:  We had some great (and not so great) family adventures- climbing mountains, visiting the zoo, touring a cave, playing on the playground, and being quarantined for 3 days straight.  We really appreciate how the children's program mirrored ours- so that we have common language with which to help our boys navigate this transition!  And they made lots of great friends!!

THANK YOU for praying!  This time was so valuable to us and the ministry He has called us to.  MTI has given us the tools we need to sustain a long and healthy ministry in Uganda. 

**Who is pouring into your life?  How are you training for the calling He has on your life?  Are your kids involved in your ministry?  Could we be a resource for you?  **

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