Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Spirit...

It's all a blur... isn't it?  Perhaps you still can't believe that Christmas is a little over two weeks away- perhaps it just doesn't "feel" like Christmas.  Maybe you just need to pause, light a candle, grab a mug of something warm (can I interest you in some peppermint tea??), and invite Jesus into your preparations.

Ann, at a Holy Experience invites us to share how we practice Christmas each Wednesday of December.

And today,  Getting Down with Jesus is your one stop shop for a host of great Christmas blog posts!

Oh, and there's nothing like giving to get your heart ready for Christmas: Joy's Hope tells you how to live with a big heart this season!

Need more inspiration?  Join with people around the world praying this December using WGM's Prayer Calendar!

How are you getting into the Christmas Spirit? 

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