Tuesday, December 28, 2010

just. keep. counting.

peppermint tea in hand. snow drifts deep outside my window. chris rice gently playing carols on itunes. the boys playing excited with new toys with their Grammy in the living room.  happy tummies full of Grandma Laurie's cookies.  a long hug from my dad.

this. is. not. where. I. thought. we'd. be. this. Christmas.

and yet, here we are.  and we are grateful.  the next two years we're about to spend in Uganda will test our faith.  and try our gratitude eyes.  and the fierce winds will blow.  and I hope our roots are dug down deep enough to withstand the storms. I hope our support team is firmly established to carry us in prayer.

and so we bury our hearts deep in the love of God.  and we try to capture memory stills in our minds eye.  freeze that moment just so.  hold on tight for one more hug.  take. lots. of. pictures.

and count...

#2737.  gathered 'round the heart of Christmas. reading the Jesus story on Christmas morn
#2738.  peppermint tea steaming from a holly mug
#2739.  a snowy weekend.
#2740.  Christmas carols.

#2741.  new toys. happy boys.
#2742.  home for the holidays.

#2743.  Christmas blend from Starbucks
#2744.  my mom's Christmas cookies.
#2745.  filet minon that melts in your mouth, atop homemade bread
#2746.  laughter.
#2747.  wii fit.

#2748.  being together again, just like this.
#2749.  family and friends.
#2750.  my amazing husband
#2751.  a long hug from my dad
#2752.  little up-turned face catching snowflakes in eyelashes

#2753.  child wonder. peering out the window.
#2754.  modern technology blasting a path through the snow
#2755.  wild boy energy. tussling on the couch

#2756.  sweet baby goodness in my arms

joining the grateful ones... putting down deep roots and capturing sweet memories...


  1. You have a beautiful listing with so many blessings. Thank you, Lord, for your goodness and perfect timing!
    Thank you for your kind comments,

  2. Love it, Kel! What an encouragement to me this morning. Beautiful - Just like you.


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