Sunday, January 09, 2011

Let everything that has breath...

...Praise the Lord!  These have been long, snowy, sick days.  But while I have breath, I will give thanks and sing praise!  I am so grateful for the word He has given me for 2011-  breathe.

Seth has struggled to breathe. Josh took him to the ER with croup Thursday morning.  And I am given fresh insight into my word for 2011.  He knows!  oh, He knows just what I need.  and I am grateful.

Counting, as natural as breathing these days... if I don't count, I might just suffocate...

#2735.  morning kisses.
#2736.  "mommy, you're beautiful."

#2737.  sunlight streaming in- illuminating our days
#2738.  brothers enjoying Christmas toys
#2739.  peace and joy

#2740.  glittery, snowflake centerpiece.
#2741.  beauty in the middle of it all.
#2742.  candles flickering
#2743.  snowflakes stitched and starched by hands now gone. a piece of history.

#2744.  waking to the winter white falling silently from the sky
#2745.  piles of snow
#2746.  heaps of waffles
#2747.  freshly ground coffee brewing

#2748.  lazy saturday with family
#2749.  card game while boys napped
#2750.  hot chocolate on a snowy day

#2751.  date night- a much needed break
#2752.  shower. blow dryer. make-up.
#2753.  feeling beautiful
#2754.  wearing clothes without snot or stains :)
#2755.  being in this together
#2756.  wood-grilled shrimp bruscetta- fresh and delicious

#2757.  Your Word- a lamp to my feet and a light to my path
#2758.  always spoken in love
#2759.  ever true
#2760.  life-giving


  1. beautiful list, Kel! I especially love shower, blowdryer, makeup...doncha feel like a different person afterward?!! And the bruchetta...yummm...and the centerpiece...i LOVE it!!

    praying for your babies too :)

  2. Oh yes, I agree on the coffee!

    And I feel for you on the croup. I have one that gets that. I pray all is well.

  3. I'm so excited to have found your blog and am even more excited about being your latest reader! What a great list! Don't you just love Ann's site and the community she brings? Have a blessed Monday!


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! May the Lord bless you in your ministry and keep you ever aware of His good gifts!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Isn't HE amazing?

    Loved the snot/stain comment btw! :) HA! I have two boys (2 and 6) so I can definitely relate!!!


  6. #2754. wearing clothes without snot or stains :)

    Ohhh . . . LOL! My oldest is 23 - youngest almost 4 - rarely do I not have spots, snot or stains on me!

    You made me laugh! :) And rejoice!

  7. Wow!! You're all the way up above 2000... that's awesome!! I'm not nearly as far, but look forward to keep on counting as His mercies are new every morning and His gifts abundant and beyond!

    Hope you have a splendid week, and happy Monday!

  8. that bruschetta looks amazing! Love your list and your boys are adorable!

  9. Kelly I love everything on this list! ...except the shrimp :) My youngest had croup chronically for what seemed like forever. Hang in there - they seem to eventually outgrow it. Hope you have a great week. I prayed for your sweet family today :)


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