Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lenten Prayer Guide for Uganda

Lenten Garden inspired by this post
dark earth, awaiting seeds of Easter hope.

today is the first day of Lent- and we'd like to invite you on a Lenten Journey with us as we (yes, you) prepare our hearts for Uganda. 

"Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, being tempted for forty days by the devil." -Luke 4:1-2

As we stare at the giants looming large in the Promised Land (Uganda), we plead for one more lap around the wilderness.  He graciously grants our request... but not exactly how we envisioned.  He has a different wilderness in mind... one thousands of years after the first... 40 days and not 40 years... Jesus spent 40 days in the desert after He was baptized, filled with the Spirit, and commissioned into ministry.  40 dark days of temptation in preparation for ministry and also the cross. 

This barren garden reminds us of how trying the days ahead will be.  Satan fights hard.  We are weary in the waiting.  But Lent is just the time to set aside that which distracts us from God, and push into Him, so that we too might rise victoriously with Him on Easter!

Will you join us?  Perhaps you've never observed Lent before, but it is simply a time of preparation for Easter.  As we near our departure date (May 15!!!!!!!!) we need our team strong!  Let's redeem this time in the wilderness with time on our knees- where the real battle is.  Here's the challenge:

Pray for Uganda for the next 40 days.  There are a couple ways you can do this:
  • Find a prayer partner and meet (in person or over the phone) once a week to pray for Uganda.
  • Fast and pray for Uganda one day each week.
  • Share the weekly prayer focus with your small group and pray together.
  • Fast sleep and rise an extra half hour early to pray for Uganda.
  • OR ask God how He wants you to participate in His plans for Uganda as we journey toward the cross together
Here's the Prayer Guide:
  • March 9-16: Pray for the Ugandan Government
  • March 17-23: Pray for the Church in Uganda, Africa Gospel Church in Uganda, and the Pastor's in training
  • March 24-30: Pray for the missionaries in Uganda
  • March 31-April 6: Pray for Heritage International School
  • April 7-13: Pray for the Compassionate Ministries in Uganda
  • April 14-20: Pray for Kampala International University
  • April 21-24: Pray for Revival in Uganda!
STAY TUNED: We will update the blog with devotional thoughts and specifics in each weekly prayer focus throughout Lent as we focus on God's global purposes in Uganda!


  1. Love the idea of a Lenten Prayer Garden for Uganda. What did you plant in the garden? Starr

  2. We just have stones for now. On Palm Sunday we'll plant rye grass or wheat grass seeds, and by easter the garden will be green in celebration!

  3. I am doing a 40 days of posting during Lent with a link-up and will be posting about our Lenten Garden later this week.

    I hope that it is okay, I want to link to your photo so my readers and participants have more ideas of the gardens.


    PS. I only use Google for e-mail, so the Admin link doesn't go to a blogger account since we don't have one.


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