Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prayer Guide: Local Church in Uganda

Fast Facts about WGM Pastor Training in Uganda:
  • In 1999, missionaries in Uganda felt God leading them to train Ugandans to reach their own people, rather than having missionaries be the primary church planters.
  • Since 1999, the number of churches started by WGM-trained pastors has jumped from 1 to 142 churches.
  • This training began with 10 pastors, but now more than 110 Ugandan church planters and pastors have been trained at nine centers throughout the country.
  • Currently over 110 pastors are in the training, which discusses theology, church planting, pastoring, and other areas of ministry.
  • The team is looking ahead and making plans to start future training points in Sudan in coordination with WGM Sudan, as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo and possibly Rwanda and Burundi.

How you can pray for pastors and the church in Uganda?
  • that Jesus will be lifted up and glorified in all of the ongoing training
  • for safety for the instructors and pastors while traveling within the country
  • for funds needed for continued pastoral training
  • that the pastors would be growing in wisdom and knowledge, and in their own personal relationship with the Lord
  • that God would protect the pastors, their families and congregations from spiritual attack and false prophets
  • that many will come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and make His name known among their people.

• Pass It On: After hearing about this powerful ministry, can you think of someone you know who
would like to know about training pastors in Uganda? Pass on the word or share the website so
others can experience Uganda and learn how God might use them to minister to a lost world.

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