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Prayer Guide: Missionaries

Team Uganda: Thanksgiving 2010
God certainly hears when His people pray- and I believe He honors even when we pray "bless so and so"- but how He longs for us to bring specific needs to His throne and actively participate in missionaries' lives and ministries!  You may not be called to full-time missions- but you are called to missions.  Praying for missionaries is another way you can participate in the Great Commission.  Here is a weekly prayer guide:
  • Sunday- the missionary's own spiritual walk, growth in grace through daily devotions, private prayer, corporate worship and Sabbath keeping.
  • Monday- The missionary's personal life, health, safety, financial provision, emotional stability, and well-being.
  • Tuesday- The missionary's family life, husband/wife relationships, parenting, children, extended family from whom they are separated, and the model of a Godly family they display
  • Wednesday- The missionary as a communicator, facility with the foreign language, cultural adaptation, and communicating the truth by the example they set.
  • Thursday- The missionary's ministry, teaching, preaching, witnessing, discipling, boldness, fruitfulness, and satisfaction in their work and open doors through which they may pass to share Christ.
  • Friday- The missionary's relationship with fellow workers, a sense of cooperation and not competition, humility, consider others ahead of self, avoidance of pride, working with nationals
  • Saturday- The missionary's country of service, stability, freedom, governmental leaders, passports, visas, work permits, etc.
Here is a list of missionaries in Uganda with WGM-

Southern Uganda Missionaries

·                              Jonathan & Lisa Mayo (Jordan & Ethan) (Home Ministry Assignment)

·                              Kenneth & Delight Hopson (Kaleb, Austin, & Emilee)

·                              Lisa Fish (Home Ministry Assignment)

·                              John & Beth Muehleisen  

·                              Jean Komline (volunteer teaching first grade at Heritage)

·                              Karli Elsrod (volunteer teaching physical education at Heritage)

·                              Jessie Mittleman (volunteer teaching art at Heritage)    

·                             Christina Maddalone (volunteer web and marketing development for WGM Africa) 

Northern Uganda Missionaries

·                              Billy & Joanna Coppedge (Elsie Jayne & Lucy Mae)  

Eastern Uganda Missionaries

·                             Michael and Brenda Guilliams (Luke - preschooler) working in the Jinja area in pastoral training/community health and development 

New Missionaries Preparing to Serve Throughout Uganda

·                             Josh and Kelly Hallahan (Caleb & Seth - preschoolers) will be the chaplain at Heritage International School, working with university students

·                             Scott and Meg Rambo (Timothy - preschooler) will be in Arua working with Coppedges   

·                             Matt and Joy (Morse) Burke (Judah & Lily - preschoolers) will be working with pastoral training/community health & development

·                             Raymond and Nicole Leisure (Joshua and Katherine) will be in Kampala doing community development and maintenance, and also working at Heritage International School

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