Tuesday, April 05, 2011

unobstructed airways!

my little baby went in for surgery yesterday- having his adenoids and tonsils out.  It's not a complicated surgery.  It's not a life and death situation.  But we're hoping it clears his airways- so he doesn't snore or pause breathing while he sleeps.  He was such a trooper!  He always is.  I shouldn't have been surprised. 

And how gratitude clears my airways- breathing out praise even in the hospital waiting room.  Even as my baby was hooked up to oxygen, and IV, monitors.  He is always worthy of praise!

#3365.  a doctor's wisdom on Seth's adenoids on Wednesday
#3366.  an available slot for surgery on Monday!
#3367.  You, God, our rock and refuge in this whirlwind
#3368.  prayers going up from our faithful team!

#3419.  silly juice to help him relax

#3420.  my little man all ready for surgery- on his "magic bed"
#3421.  flying socks silliness
#3422.  great doctors, nurses and staff
#3423.  free coffee and granola bars in the waiting room
#3424.  prayers going up around the world for my baby
#3425.  You being there in the OR with him

#3426.  him out of surgery; resting under medication
#3427.  finally being able to hold him

#3428.  "Bear-Bear" comfort on the way home
#3429.  ice cream and popsicles to soothe his throat
#3430.  dinner ready in the crock pot
#3431.  all he wants is his mama
#3432.  that my presence is enough 
#3433.  Your presence that comforts me
#3434.  how You hold me, as I hold him all through the night

#3435.  being in this together with Josh

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  1. Hey, thanks for visiting! Those peas are amazing. I never venture out on the farm without learning a spiritual truth! Your family is adorable - and I'm so inspired that you're counting past the 3000s! I started a month or so ago and I'm barely over 200 - what a beautiful discipline - and an encouraging community! God bless!


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