Monday, May 30, 2011

grace- fresh air

As I encounter men and women here in Uganda who have faced poverty, hardship and trial- I wonder... "Why was I born in America?  Why them, and not me?  Who am I to have such wealth?"  The bottom line is- grace- all of life is undeserved grace.  And God in His wisdom, beyond my comprehension, has given me much- and so I must pour it out to the world- I am His channel of blessings.

excerpts up through #3959

--local snacks (fried grasshoppers)
--He gives grace to try new things!

--food to eat
--Caleb ate all his dinner!

--ice cream, a delicious luxury
--happy, sticky boys

--we found a vehicle!  should be ready by the end of the week
--so blessed to have our own personal transportation

--school playgrounds
--a good, Christian environment to grow in

--toys!  balls! 

--running water
--clean dishes

--beds to sleep in
--brothers to snuggle with
--family. in this transition together!

--flowers from my men
--curtain blowing in the afternoon breeze

--Gloria- our house girl- so helpful
--so good with the boys
--freeing me up for ministry
--someone in my home everyday to pour into

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  1. Beautiful list! Thanks for sharing your blessings.


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