Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Blessing: July 3rd

House Dedication
We dedicate this home to love and understanding.
May its joys and sorrows be shared and the individuality of each person who lives and visits here be appreciated.

We dedicate this home to work, and rest and play.
May our home have joy and high fellowship, with kindness in its voices and laughter running within its walls.

We dedicate this home to friendly life.
May its doors open in hospitality and its windows look out with kindness toward other homes.

We dedicate this home to cooperation.
May its duties be performed in love, its furnishings bear witness that the work of others ministers to our comfort, and its table remind us that God is our Source who meets our daily needs.

We dedicate this home to the appreciation of all things good and true.
May the books bring wisdom, the pictures symbolize things beautiful, and the music bring joy and inspiration.

We dedicate the time and talent of those who live here to help meet the needs of the world at our doorstep and within our circles of influence.

We dedicate this home as a unit in the Church universal, an instrument of the Kingdom of God, a place of worship and Christian training and a threshold to the life eternal.

In the name of Jesus, and under the covering of His blood we dedicate and bless this house.  Amen

On Sunday, July 3, the Kampala Team will meet for prayer and home blessing at our property.  Will you join us?  Save the date!

We will post a video tour of our home so you can join us in the prayer walk and home blessing.

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  1. We will join you in prayer for the blessings of your home! Thanks for sharing it with us, Patrick had a wonderful time with your boys!


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