Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Pray for Team Uganda

We're feeling the weight of spiritual warfare, and we need you to fight for us!  We feel as though God wants to do a new thing here, and Satan is fighting against that.  Wesley Duewel shares some specific ways to pray in his book, Touch the World Through Prayer:

As you carve out extended times of prayer for Uganda, pray for God to:
  • Deepen hunger in the members of our team
  • Reveal a new dimension of His holiness and power.  This is always an important preparation for God's mighty working.
  • Produce a holy discontent with things as they are
  • Quicken and strengthen faith that it is God's will to move and act on our behalf
  • Give God's children new sensitivity to His guidance and voice.
  • Give God's children an eagerness to be used of God and to obey Him
  • Give new awareness to His people of the urgency of our need for revival
  • Prepare the key individuals whom He plans to use
  • Motivate and coordinate the prayer and faith of large numbers of Christians so they continue in earnest, prevailing prayer.
We long to love one another, to know God more, to serve Him faithfully here in Uganda.  Will you pray for unity among our team, for spiritual victory and deep joy in the Lord?

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