Monday, November 14, 2011

Time to Celebrate!

What a week!  Our hearts (and our home) are full to overflowing!  The table has been set, food simmering on the stove, cookies baking in the oven, rooms prepared, floors swept.  The halls ring with  laughter & chatter, playing & praying.  And that's just how I like it.

Guests from around the world arrived last week- President of WGM Hubert Harriman, and VP Tim Rickel, evangelists David Harriman and Dr Luis from Guatemala, Bishop of Africa Gospel Church Kenya, Reverend Dr Lang'at, other representatives from Kenya, Scott and Meg and their boys, and more!  Our bedrooms are full, the table is full, and our fridge is empty!  Filled up and poured out for the kingdom.  What a gift!

Will you rejoice with us in the long-awaited answer to prayer of missionaries here in Uganda?  Since 1999 Jonathan Mayo (Country Director, Uganda) has been praying for the day when the national church, Africa Gospel Church, Uganda, could sustain itself.  And Saturday, the very first Bishop of AGC Uganda was installed!  Hallelujah!  What a joyous celebration!  Africans know how to party!

continuing to count the many ways He smiles on our days:

  • the irrepressible joy glow
  • african moves
  • wide smiles, beautiful dresses, women of God clothed in strength and dignity.
  •  this day. a passing of the baton of faith.
  • the very first Bishop of Africa Gospel Church, Uganda!
  • Bishop Masiga and his beautiful wife
  • traditional Ugandan gomesi
  • Your Body- gathered from around the world to celebrate with the Ugandan church!
  • pumpkin pie for breakfast :)
  • happy boys
  • friends who babysat for us, so these little guys didn't have to come to the all day service
  • this home, with open doors
  • men and women gathering to share 
  • more than enough food
  • sweet time of prayer with some leaders from World Gospel Mission HQ

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  1. you count gifts too?! i'm so happy i found you from your comment on The Quick Journey blog! i too count gifts:) isn't it wonderful?!
    i also see that you're missionaries. (?) that's wonderful! i'm only 17 but i'm very interested in missions. i have been for some time and i am faithfully praying that He will open a door to use me in some way in that area. :)
    i'm following! look forward to reading more of your daily gifts:)


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