Saturday, December 10, 2011

Interview with United Faith Chapel leaders

One of our favorite things about ministry here in Uganda is building relationships with Africans who love Jesus and want to serve Him. The ministry at Kampala International University is called United Faith Chapel and we LOVE spending time with these college students. We see a lot of potential for future ministry with these students and are already seeing the potential come to fruition.

Last week I (Josh) sat down with Edwin Eregwa and Laura Oyieri to discuss the ministry at UFC. Laura and Edwin are former students at KIU,  they are from Kenya but have remained in Kampala because they feel led by God to serve in the leadership of this ministry. God worked in their lives through the ministry and now they want to give back. Grab a cup of coffee and take 6 minutes to listen to their thoughts on the ministry here.

If you ever want to become more involved in the ministry at United Faith Chapel (financially, through prayer, coming to visit, etc) please let me know!



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