Monday, February 20, 2012

Gifts of this Calling

i love this crazy wonderful life we live.  there are days when i am stay at home mama.  there are days when i am cherished wife.  there are days when i'm the preacher, the preschool music teacher, the Bible study leader, the social media professional or the confidant.  and i enjoy all those hats i wear.  trying to balance them all is a circus act, so i was so encouraged when i found this quote and can echo these words with my life.:
"For years, I tried to juggle all the elements of life.  I knew there was a God call on my life to be in ministry, and yet I also knew it could never be at the expense of my family.  When I tried to juggle all the boxes, I learned the hard way that it is difficult to keep them all from crashing down.  So I no longer have boxes for marriage, ministry and motherhood.  Instead, God has shown me that there is a divine order for my life.
Instead of trying to make sure that everything is balanced (there is no prescribed formula for balance), God showed me that I am to break of the box mentality and instead seek Him for divine order for my life.  Each day differs from the day before,  The dynamics change, but the call on my life doesn't.  Marriage, motherhood, and ministry are all cohesively part of that call.  God anoints us for our entire call." -Darlene Zschech
excerpts of gifts of this crazy wonderful calling:

#5784. Your heart for the world
#5785. his love of painting
#5786.  my little messy man- no guts, no glory
#5787.  sharing this time to be creative

#5788.  lazy, late afternoon sun
#5789.  warmth.
#5790.  beauty.

#5792.  music. loud & soft
#5793.  getting to use my education degree
#5794.  sharing my love of music with 4 year olds

#5800.  a daddy built tent
#5801.  happy boys sleeping in a fort
#5802.  no one woke in the night-that tent is magic!

#5805.  You meeting us as I preached
#5806.  men and women willing to go where You send them!
#5807.  gloriously spent for You.  Sabbath rest.


  1. What a lovely post :) I'm praying for you and your sweet family today...sleep well!

  2. wonderful photos-and so glad for your Sabbath rest.

  3. Kelly,

    oh, love your pictures--fingerpainting--i must do this with my girls--and the beautiful leaves.

    a *gorgeous* list--sparkling with His beauty--yes, Sabbath rest, a gift to be thankful for, being spent for Him--all wonderful--these encourage me.



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