Monday, March 26, 2012

paying attention

Dividing each entry into three parts: devotion, gratitude, and prayer
I have been experimenting with keeping my gratitude list in my devotional journal, along with my prayer journal.  It was working out ok, but I found I was only writing in my gratitude journal when I did my devotions, and not throughout the day.  I couldn't just leave my journal laying on the counter open for the world to see- and so, out of sight, out of mind it went.  I've repurposed a Disney Cars notebook as my new gratitude journal and already I've been more attentive to life because it's small enough to keep with me!  I'm grateful! 

6036.  a new gratitude journal- with inspiration from Ann and my own paint.
6039.  a lovely scarf on a cool morning
6040.  rain!  the pitter patter on the roof.  curtains billowing.
6041.  chocolate chip cookies- with our last chocolate chips.  luxury!

6043.  my crafty little boy!
6044.  color.  glue.  mess.  creative glory.

6050.  this renewed habit, pen in hand, camera nearby.

6055.  sweet silly 3 year olds who just NEED to tell you something:
6056.  "my teeth are growing just like a lions" -Ethan
6057.  happy dancing kids
6058.  experiencing culture through music and dance

6065.  Coppedges. here.
6066.  happy house ringing with children's laughter
6067.  lots of bouncy fun
6068.  holding Chloe all afternoon
6069.  sweet-smelling, soft baby hair.
6070.  dinner prepped, so I can enjoy our company!

The weeks ahead will be full of fun people!  And I am so excited to see all the love-gifts Jesus sends my way!  Are you blessed to be surrounded with amazing people?  Who are you grateful for today? 


  1. love the sound of rain... and I'm thinking someone needs to send you chocolate chips... can that be done?
    (email me... and maybe we can figure something out)... because everyone needs chocolate chips ; )

  2. "my teeth are growing just like a lions" Wonderful comment!
    Wise to have a separate gratitude journal :-)

  3. Your title really caught my eye -- just found this awesome quote:
    "We learn to praise God not by paying compliments but by paying attention." (Frederick Buechner)

    Wow. I know. Really cool.

    Just thought I'd throw that in, since it seemed to fit. ;)

  4. love the creative splashed journal ... might just need to join you in refreshing mine.

    Splashing around in God's goodness today ... Had to stop by and wade in this glorious place. Hope you don't mind if I stay a bit and let joy soak deep down.



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