Monday, April 09, 2012

long time coming

our days have been gloriously full.  before Easter my last post was March 30.  so i've been absent from our blog.  life is just too good to miss!

counting moments and gifts from our field retreat:

6140.  retreat. safe journey.
6141.  a bathroom with a porcelain toilet, and toilet paper.  worth standing in line for!
6142.  timely drive. happy people

6146.  Dr. Coppedge's good word on discipleship and Spirit-filled living.
6147.  a normal Christian life is possible!  Holiness!
6148.  sweet time of worship

6154.  like father, like son.
6155.  we actually live in Africa.
6156.  a cool breeze on a lazy afternoon
6157.  rest.

6173.  sweet women's prayer time
6174.  Beth Coppedge's love for You and her leadership here.
6175.  Your women circled here- back to back.

6176.  Seth gasping for air- but You are with us.  You steady me.
6177.  a helpful hotel manager escorting us to a hospital
6178.  drugs to open his airways.
6179.  skillful nurse, IV line in on the first try!
6180.  a private room.  sheets on the bed!
6181.  sweet mama Theresa, an older nurse "God is good.  God is kind.  You are a good boy."
6182.  Jo and Billy on their knees interceding for us.
6183.  Beth sitting with us.
6184.  his first deep breath.
6185.  sweet mama relief as his breathing stabilizes.
6186.  Your holy presence... the air I breathe.
6187.  You inhabit the praises of Your people.
6188.  I can thank You even here.  even now.

6202.  this quiet lovely garden
6203.  delicate intricacies, brilliant colors.
6204.  rain-kissed beauty

6205.  words of testimony from each one.  You're moving deep.
6206.  renewed hope in our team.
6207.  Beth's blessing over us- feet dipped in anointing oil, glory shoes on, fresh dew daily
6208.  as our days, so shall our strength be!
6209.  You will thrust out the enemy before us!
6210.  You have begun to give- may we begin to possess!


  1. Beautiful listing :)

    I'm so glad you are all doing okay - I've missed you, ha! I've been praying (most especially on Mondays) but I will specifically add Seth's easy breathing to my list.

    Sleep well!

  2. His first deep breath...oh yes, this is a gift and must be on the list. we too have had too many days and nights of shallow air. been breathing deep for 2 months now...
    so glad to see you linked up to Ann again.


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