Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Five: New Faces

With the summer months fast approaching, there are lots of new faces around here! 
  1. Rick and Teresa Morse are in town for CHE Trainings this season (with their two adorable kids)!
  2. Rachel Goss arrived two weeks ago.  She is helping at Heritage International School.  She is staying in our home!
  3. George and Joyce Rodgers arrived with Rachel. George will be working in the Finance Office- he is an answer to prayer!  Thanks for praying them here!
  4. Anna Leon arrives Sunday.  She will be creating a film for Kikongo Primary School out on Buvuma Island.  She is staying in our home when she is not on the island. 
  5. Dan and Linda Wronski (Meg Rambo's parents) arrived this week, and have traveled up to Arua with Scott and Meg and their three boys!  Happy family visit!
Pray for our visitors, volunteers, and missionaries during the busy summer months.  Pray that God would show them exactly what He wants them to see, use them each in the way He wants to, and that lives are transformed because of their obedience. 

Pray for us as we host these volunteers- that our home would be a haven of peace and joy- and for our boys' hearts as they welcome these ones into their hearts and then have to say goodbye. 

And our field is gearing up to host several teams over the next few months- pray that God prepares the heart of each team member, their funds are provided, and that He would use them and change them as He sees fit!

Want to come visit?  You are most welcome!  Karibu!

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