Friday, June 22, 2012

TIA: This Is A{merica}

Hallahans at the Rehearsal- including the bride-to-be, Leah!

We've been having a great time with family and friends here in Florida.  Thank you for carrying us in these overwhelmingly delightful days!  We've been struck with how similar and how different life in America is from when we left... and from our life in Uganda... Seth said last night "I'm tired of always getting in the car.  I just want to be home." 

Some happy America moments and some that made us shake our heads:

 crazy amounts of candy, junk food, and staggering options. 

 breakfast at the hotel buffet for $80+ or Dunkin Donuts for $11.  No question!

 Flavored apples???  Bubble Gum flavored apples, 100% Natural??? 

 Traffic lights.  Smooth, wide roads.  Just how many cars would be squeezed in here in Uganda? 

 Corn on the cob.  Happy, American summer food.

 Peaches.  I wish I could somehow bottle this scent and bring it with me. 

Wildlife in our yard.  An armadillo.  Running by our window.  Crazy!

It has been overwhelming.  Amazing.  Tiring.  and refreshing!  Can't wait to be back home in Uganda.  But this trip has been such a sweet memory making time!

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  1. We got our bookmark and sweet note today. Thank you for taking the time to write us personally!

    Praying safe travels back to Uganda and praying chocolate awaits you!



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