Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesdays with the Ladies!

Last Monday I got a text message asking if I was coming to Arua with all the cool kids.  I hadn't even thought about traveling eight hours away from my guys for four days.  But I mentioned it to Josh and he said it would be good for me to go!  So, Saturday we piled into Lisa Fish's car and drove to Arua to see Meg and Joanna!  Happy road trip!  It was so good to connect with these sweet ladies.  And we were able to bring fun things to Arua for Meg and Joanna to encourage their hearts and fill their fridges :) 

It was a spontaneous thing to do.  I don't usually do "spontaneous".  But it was just what I needed. 

Sometimes you just need a couple days to pop your earbuds in and not worry if someone will cry for you in the night... or hold a sweet squishy baby and then give him back to his mama when he cries... or buy a dolman tee shirt at the market just because it's less than $2 and trendy...  or sit and read a book or two uninterrupted... or laugh with friends without having to explain the conversation to a four year old. 

When we start blessing others, we find ourselves blessed as well.  I love God's economy! 

Who can you bless with your presence this week?  

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