Monday, August 13, 2012

a piece of the puzzle

stay at home mom.  it feels insignificant at times.  does it matter that i am living in Uganda?  missionary- can i even claim the title?  {yes!}  this summer God and i have been in dialogue about my calling here in Uganda.  where do i fit?  what has He shaped me to contribute?  i was certainly busy last year, but i don't just want to be busy; i want to be fruitful.  and so i need to be about what He is about.  i need to do the things only i was created to do.  and i need to not do the things He isn't calling me to do! {perhaps that's even more significant}

and i think we reached some clarity, me and God!  i've been doing a lot of these things already... but the pieces all fit together in my mind and in my heart.  there's a conviction and calling that i was somehow lacking last year as we figured out how to do life in Uganda.  so what is this glorious calling He has laid on my heart??  {drum roll, please....}

He is calling me to create oasis.  making our home an oasis for my husband and children.  making our home an oasis for friends and weary travelers on their way to somewhere.  making team prayer meeting an oasis for our colleagues to come and carry each others burdens and be recharged for another week of ministry.  starting a book club for international women- saturday morning oasis from ministry!  being on retreat committee... maybe that's kinda obvious.  leading a small group of women from the university in a midweek oasis in the Word for these young women.

it's my prayer that even this blog is an oasis- a place of beauty and peace- a welcoming point of entry for friends and champions into our lives and ministry here.  so, yeah, oasis.  pray that it's true.  pray that He gets all the glory. 

so i'm thankful this week that He showed up.  He met me and spoke calling and clarity into my life. 

#6680.  loads of linens and laundry

#6681.  stacks of dishes
#6682.  toys everywhere

#6683.  empty fridge
#6684.  this ministry of hospitality

#6685.  hellos and goodbyes to tons of amazing people!
#6686.  joy in serving from my giftings.
#6687.  peace as You live through me
#6688.  discovering Your calling on my life- my unique contribution to the kingdom- how i fit in this Uganda puzzle.
#6689.  like unwrapping a gift... my gifts... from a good and wise Giver.
#6690.  a clarified vision, an intense focus.
#6691.  new teammates arriving
#6692.  their own unique callings

so what about you?  what is He calling you to?  does it thrill you?  does it terrify you?  does it make your heart sing?  it will probably do all those things at various points.  but at the end of the day there is no place sweeter than the center of His will!  

i would love to pray for you if you're entering a new calling- or jumping into your current calling with renewed joy and energy.  leave a comment and let me know how i can pray for you!


  1. beautiful realization, beautiful calling, beautiful words written, beautiful oasis's and you'll continue to be a gift for all the people you welcome and love.

  2. LOVE it. the calling, the pictures, the thankfulness - all of it.
    And you. :)
    It's a good thing to wrestle with God has and HAS NOT called you to.
    But once you know, it's so much easier to say NO and so much more joyful to say YES because you know what you should be saying NO and YES to.
    Love you!

  3. You are a missionary! Your blog has blessed me this morning all the way from Uganda to Portland, OR. And in these photos I see the smile of gladness, grace and compassion -- on all your faces. What joy to know that young families are in the world making a difference for someone. We're neighbors at Ann's this day of gratitude. So nice to find you there.

    Sherrey at

  4. Hugs to you from Minnesota!

    loved reading your thought process on this one! it encouraged me immensely.

    and this: "i need to be about what He is about" I'm taking with me. Thank you!

  5. Love this. He calls us to many things in life, and I love that you know it's important. My calling and ministry right now is to my boys as a mother, and a homeschooler. Very hard at times, but worth it completely! I'll be praying for you!

  6. Kelly...what a beautiful calling He has laid on your heart. I can only imagine the magnitude of the impact you will have on His kingdom as you walk by His side following your calling. Thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys.

  7. Kelly! I came to your blog from the 1000 gifts site. I had to laugh when I read yourfirst sentence..I am too a stay at home mom and it was interesting to see you have similar thoughts. I guess it doesn't matter where we are huh? I love your oasis vision. Yes father bring your presence to their home,lavish your love on kelly,and slow from get to others. Your live and your spirit is the best oasis ever!


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