Friday, August 31, 2012

Five New Items

So we've been doing some work around the house- trying to make it a bit more our own.  We were so blessed to be welcomed to Uganda last year with a fully furnished house, but now it's time to start giving the mission-owned items to someone who needs them more than we do!  Welcome to a little house tour update:

#1. artwork- we needed some color and life on our walls.  so we got creative.
Four cereal boxes taped together.  Covered with newsprint.  Mama painted the heart and globe outline, boys did the rest.
 #2.  huge, empty dining room- we needed a buffet. 
another missionary was selling a huge dresser.  we bought it.  sent it to our carpenter. he made it the right depth.  now we just need to paint it.
#3.  old green chair, tattered and falling apart.  we needed it reupholstered. 
We bought this from another missionary, but it desperately needed to be re-covered.  Finally called our furniture guy to do it.
 #4. old fridge.  ours was on the list of mission fridges to be replaced.  so the mission bought a new one.

 #5.  small beds, big room.  lots of guests. we needed more beds for all the hosting we do!
New bunk beds bought from another missionary!  Safari style fort bed- every little boy's dream!

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  1. the bunkbeds are awesome – although not as awesome as what you and your husband are doing. Life has been difficult over here in the states – but then I come here and remember how difficult life is for those you serve. It's good to keep things in perspective. Thank you. And God bless and keep you and all of the Hallahans.


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