Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesdays with KTeam

KTeam Prayer Meeting May 2011 and KTeam Prayer Meeting August 2012
When we arrived it was us, Muehleisens, Hopsons, Lisa, Christina, and Jessie.  That's it.  14 people in Kampala.  Sunday night at Prayer Meeting there were 24 of us!   We are so thankful for the men and women and families He has brought here.  Today we have our KTeam Meeting, and we're happy to welcome Ray and Nicole Leisure and Jeff and Christine Stanfield!

But there is still so much to do, so many cities to enter, so many needs to meet.  We are praying hard for 42 missionaries to Uganda in the next 5 years... we're halfway there! 

Will you join us in praying?  Pray for the ones who are here.  Pray that God would send more laborers into the harvest.  Pray against satan's schemes to keep people from obeying God's call. 

If you want to lift up each person by name, click over to 24/7 Prayer Uganda for a list.

If you feel the tug of God and want to explore joining Team Uganda, check out gowgm.org.

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