Thursday, September 06, 2012

drippy, orange popsicles

i wake up in the mornings chilly.  it's like a breath of autumn for my fall-starved soul.  by noon i am stripping off my cardigan and reaching for some cold water.  welcome to the equator.  the clouds hang, ominous.  the rain pours.  and then ten minutes later the sun beams.

having grown up in the states, i tend to equate the school year with cool weather. not so here in good ol' Uganda.  so we've begun a new tradition that makes me smile  popsicles!  cold, tangy, refreshing popsicles.  my boys sit still and slurp up that tropical coldness, and i get to hear about their day at school.  it's a point of connection.  and one we won't have to trade in once winter arrives (fyi- it won't!).  i love it. 

sometimes you just have to institute a tradition and glory in the moment.  they won't sit and talk to me forever- but i'm going to create space where they can if they want to.  and if i must, i will bribe them with popsicles. 

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