Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Five: Praises!

Jesus is moving. And we must rejoice.  Praise Him with us today!

  1. God really used Josh to preach a powerful message in secondary chapel Wednesday- followed by the students nailing their struggles to the cross.  Seeing words like "past hurts" "sin" "pride" and "anger" nailed to the cross was really powerful.  Be praying for these kids!
  2. A few students at Heritage have decided to start a DAILY (yeah, you read that correctly) Bible study.  They are doing it all on their own! 
  3. Josh got sick on Thursday.  And so with a couple hours of preparation, I spoke at chapel.  The theme was grace- and it's a song I could sing all day.  I was nervous (not because I don't like speaking, but I don't like last minute).  And Jesus showed up.  He really helped me.  And I believe His grace was extended to some needy students.  
  4. He has gathered a lovely group of women for my small group from the university.  Not one of them has ever been in a small group before.  One of them is from a mslim family.  One of them is from a polygamous family.  Two of them are mothers to a daughter.  One of them may not be saved yet.  What an opportunity!
  5. It has been a blessing to start a Good Morning Girls group for international ladies- we're studying Colossians and it is so encouraging!  

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