Monday, September 24, 2012

One Body

This is Team Uganda 2012!  We're all here in one place.  No one is on Homeland Ministry Assignment (HMA).  Which also means, there are currently no official appointees preparing to come (though some are in the application process!! pray!!).  We gathered for a field meeting before the Muehleisen's head home for their HMA. 

I'm grateful this weekend for:
  • being gathered together as one
  • focus on our one, unifying Wildly Important Goal as a field
  • Christ- You are the Head of the Body.  
  • Your leadership in our time together.  
  • lots of sweet little ones around
  • dependable child-care workers
  • delicious food
  • this glorious calling
  • the ones around the world who join us in this mission through finances and prayer
  • You- the One we're here to serve

1 comment:

  1. that is an amazing blessing to have everyone all gathered together. i know how hard it is for us, and we are a much smaller field!



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