Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Reading...

I'm reading a new book, Godspeed by Britt Merrick.  He really throws the challenge at the church to be on a mission with God.  I love that.  This quote really challenged me and rattled me {in a good way}. 
"God called Abraham, He sent Abraham, and He blessed Abraham.  God chose to bless all nations through Abraham.  The process is the same for the Christian: God called us, He sent us, and He blesses us to bless others.   Not because we are awesome, but because He is awesome.  
The last thing we want to do then, by self-absorption or self-centeredness, is to become a clog in that flow.  It is our human and cultural tendency to want God to bless us, just for us.  But the truth is that God blesses us so that we will do something with that blessing.  So that we might bless others." -Britt Merrick, Godspeed
I know what it's like to sit in America surrounded by grocery stores at every intersection, aisle upon aisle of pretty new things, thousands of options at the closest sandwich place and think- what in the world did I do to be born here?!?  How did I get so lucky?

And the bottom-line is- luck had absolutely nothing to do with it.  God blessed me so that I would be a blessing.  There is responsibility tied to that blessing- He didn't just give it to me to do as I please.  He blessed me, abundantly blessed me, so that I would pour those gifts out to others in need. 

Living here in Uganda, I am confronted by my millionaire status {in shillings, that is} on a daily basis.  There may be guilt over that, their may be pride, but what there should be is generosity.  And I admit, there isn't as much of that going on as there should be.  But Jesus and I are working on it. 

And I'd like to challenge you to think about it too- why in the world do you have so much? why are you so blessed?  and what are you going to do about it?  Oh, and pick up the book, it's a good read and I'm only on chapter one!


  1. Wow!!!! I love that quote!!!! We are blessed so that we can go and bless others!!!

    I'm so thankful that we are God's works in progress <3

    Thanks for sharing this!!! I'm gonna have to pick up that book as soon as Jen Hatmaker's 7 gets through with me!! Have you read that one yet?? It's a good one <3

  2. Thanks for the reminder and the challenge!


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