Wednesday, October 10, 2012

homemade missions Day #10

sometimes it's saying yes when your little ones ask you to color
This transformational lifestyle doesn't take more time.  It takes a paradigm shift.  Ok, so it might take some more of your time.... actually, it takes all of your time...and redeems it. 

When Jesus was ministering, He didn't do mission projects or fill shoeboxes, or serve at a soup kitchen.  He invited 12 men to do life with Him.  And they ministered to every person that crossed their path.  It was in the day-to-day that ministry happened.  It was a word spoken to a broken woman.  It was a touch of blessing on a child.  It was a challenge to a rich young man.  So, you see, it doesn't take more time.  It demands all your time.  But it can't be life as usual, there needs to be a shift of focus. 

This transformational lifestyle, this homemade missions, means taking your eyes off of your to do list (you wrote one yesterday, right?).  And asking the Lord to open your eyes to whom He wants to bless through you today.  He invites us to partner with Him in bringing blessing into the world. And He will be happy to give you an assignment today!  He's just waiting for you to report for your marching orders!  Today, ask God whom He wants you to bless.  And then be sure to do it!

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