Tuesday, October 02, 2012

homemade missions: Day #2

definition of homemade missions: anything you do, where you live, to expand the kingdom of God around the world {and your neighborhood is part of the world, but not the only part}. 

granted, we live in Kampala, Uganda as missionaries... so it's easier for us, right?  not necessarily. 

just living near the lost does not transform lives.  just like giving a water bottle to the child who is begging does not rescue them from poverty.  what we're aiming for is transformed lives: our lives and the lives of those we serve.

and nothing we do will transform someone else unless it's grounded and sustained with prayer.  stay tuned tomorrow as we lay the foundation of prayer. 

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea for a series, Kelly! I haven't commented lately (why is that? why do we not say hello more often? I'm sorry!) but I've been praying for you and your sweet family...

    Thanks for both encouraging and inspiring me this morning to live my life on mission. I hope you have a great evening :)


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