Thursday, October 04, 2012

homemade missions: Day #4

homemade missions starts with the ones closest to us.  We cannot reach out to the world before we reach out to our spouses and children.  They are the ones who know our bed head, and our morning eyes.  They are the ones who curl up in our laps while we drink our first cup of coffee.  If they don't receive our first love, how will they ever desire to share love with the world?  
I want to create a home where my family can retreat.  I want it to be a safe place where they can take risks and figure out how to do life in community.  I want it to be full of joy and peace so that we can all be refueled to share love with the world.  And that takes work.  It's much easier to bless a stranger with a simple smile and a bottle of water, than to actively bless the ones we live with on a daily basis.

They see all our warts and failings.  They sometimes get the left-overs of our time.  And we see all their failings and struggles.  At times they aren't the most loveable people.  But God has place us in our families by divine appointment.  You are just the parent and spouse that your family needs.  So be present.  They need you.  You don't want to bake a cake for a neighbor, and then refuse to make something sweet for your family.  Your family needs your best.  They need to know they are your top priority.  Once they are secure in your love, they will want others to experience that same sweet relationship.  They will want to join you in blessing others, because they themselves have been blessed. 

So, today, bless your family.  Do one thing that communicates: I love you, I know you, and I care about you. 

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  1. I love this one - so true!! Home should be the place of fullest love, peace, joy and acceptance <3


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