Friday, June 07, 2013

All Back Together Again!

Josh is safely back in the U.S. and we are grateful!  His first flight was delayed, so he missed his second flight and was stuck in London overnight.  But British Airways took care of him and he got dinner, a hotel room, and breakfast while he waited for the next flight to Philadelphia.  And now he is here!

It has been so good to have my heart put back together in the same house... to have my man here.  It feels like the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally relax for a second. 

And it was a great exercise in loving someone you can't always see.  This year I've been trying to live inLove... to abide in God's love, to love Him who I cannot see, and to actively love the people around me.  And this distance between continents taught me so much about what love does, how love longs, and how to stay in love even when it's not easy.  I'm grateful for the distance... but I'm really grateful he is home where he belongs!

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