Wednesday, August 28, 2013


i'm somehow in a writer's funk.  a whole afternoon stretched empty before me and i got nothing.  south african rooibos tea in my mug, boys playing in the basement, rain falling outside my window.  sounds like a recipe for writing.  and yet...nothing.

God is up to lots of good stuff.  we are settling in to Sicklerville for a whole month.  baby girl is dancing up a storm in my belly.  boys are enjoying the school/play routine.  josh and i are doing well.  it's a happy silence. 

i don't want to just write when we're in crisis.  and i don't want to write just to click "publish".  so i guess maybe it will be a little while longer until i have something worth writing.  or maybe a flash of inspiration will come in the night.  all that to say- thank you for reading.  we're so grateful you're on our team!

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