Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ladies Night Out and #tbt

There is nothing quite like a slice of apple pie and a perfect latte with a dear girlfriend after the kids have gone to bed.  In the midst of a ministry road-trip, in the middle of parenting challenges, in the third trimester of pregnancy- a woman just needs a Ladies Night Out. 

We are staying with my best friend from Uganda, who has now returned to her home in Canada.  And it has been just as sweet and easy of a friendship as it was in the beginning {read this post for #tbt}.  How good of Jesus to know just what we would need in Uganda and on this road-trip. 

Missionaries on furlough are real people with normal needs- needs like time with friends and a good dessert.  When you pray for missionaries on furlough this week- pray that Jesus would meet all their needs- not just their ministry needs, or financial needs, but also their relational needs.  How can I pray for you tonight?  Leave it in the comments!

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