Sunday, October 20, 2013

Taking the Missionary Hat Off

One of the refreshing things about vacation is the sweet gift of anonymity.  We went to a large church here in Holland, MI today.  Josh wore jeans.  We left our WGM name-tags in the car.  We didn't set up our display table.  I didn't carry a stack of prayer cards in my purse.  We enjoyed worship.  We sat under great teaching.  And we left. 

Tunnel Park, Holland, MI
We had a late breakfast.  The boys watched TV.  I took a nap.  And then we went off to explore some of God's handiwork in nature!  It all felt so normal.  And good.  Don't get me wrong, we love our calling.  And there isn't anything wrong with Homeland Ministry Assignment.  It's just nice to be off the clock for the week. 

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