Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vacation... and #tbt link

At the beginning of this series I said that not all of furlough is fun and games and vacation... and that is true.  But there is certainly wisdom in missionaries taking a vacation. 

Constant visitation with champions, a new church every weekend, staying in touch with faithful champions and cultivating new champions can be exhausting for a family!  There are days when we never take our "missionary hats" off.  And so as we were planning this road trip we knew we would have to schedule rest, or it simply would not happen. 
Trough Creek State Park, PA
Our boys are great travelers, our marriage is solid and this pregnancy has gone smoothly- but we don't take those things for granted.  We have to work at them, and we have to protect them!  So we're on vacation in Michigan.  I hope to sneak in some more time to blog- to finish out this 31 Day challenge strong- but I am making my family top priority this week! 

Do you take a family vacation?  We didn't really vacation much when I was growing up.  But Josh and I have made the commitment to set some rest time aside each year.  We want to serve the Lord well and as long as we're able- so we're trying to find ways to increase our ministry sustainability! 

Maybe you don't have time or resources to take a vacation right now- this is a great post on "Keeping Sabbath Rest in our Daily Lives".   

What do you do to rest and recharge?

And if you're missing the ThrowBack Thursday post here's one about how we recharge in Uganda!

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